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"We are so lightly here. It is in love that we are made. In love we disappear."
~Leonard Cohen
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Gorgeous tulips from John FitzGerald.
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If you're at AWP 17 in D.C., please join our panel Friday, February 10, 2017, 9:00 am to 10:15 am:
F111. Dreaming the World Through Translation: International Perspectives on Creative Process
Marquis Salon 7 & 8, Marriott Marquis, Meeting Level Two
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Dreaming the World Through Translation

February 10, 2017, 9:00am - February 10, 2017, 9:15am

F111. Dreaming the World Through Translation: International Perspectives on Creative Process Does the language we speak shape the way we think, our reality, our world, our dreams? Do more words mean m...

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Dreaming the World Through Translation

February 10, 2017, 9:00am - February 10, 2017, 9:15am

F111. Dreaming the World Through Translation: International Perspectives on Creative Process Does the language we speak shape the way we think, our reality, our world, our dreams? Do more words mean m...

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Thrilled to announce the launch of my dear friend Diann Blakely's posthumous collection: "Lost Addresses: New & Selected Poems" at AWP 2017, Washington. D.C.: Feb 8th-12th, 2017. With huge thanks to Jessie Lendennie and Siobhan Hutson for getting this book out into the world and for the stunning cover using Alex Kafka's gorgeous image. Diann Blakely must beaming from ear to ear. And with huge gratitude to Rodney Jones for his glorious introduction and to Julie Kane, Blas Falconer, and Denise Duhamel for the fantastic blurbs. And of couse to Ben Downing, Kendra Hamilton, Anne Delana Reeves, John FitzGerald, and Arthur Wadsworth for all your support. With Melanie David Young.
The book will be available at the Salmon Poetry booth, # 509. Salmon Poetry also has an event / reception to showcase all of their Spring 2017 titles: Friday, February 10, 2017, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Gallaudet Room, Marriott Marquis, Meeting Level One
Cover art: Photo collage by Alexander C. Kafka, incorporating an image in the Commons by Karl Struss.
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You're invited join us at AWP!
Plume Poetry & MadHat Press celebrate the launch of Plume Poetry Anthology Vol. 5. Readers include Lynn Emanuel, Ira Sadoff, Linda Pastan, Thomas Lux, Nancy Mitchell, Elizabeth Metzger, John FitzGerald, Chard DeNiord, Philip Fried, Marc Vincenz, Daniel Lawless, and Hélène Cardona.
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Christiane Singer holding forth on the “immense and impressive mystery” that is The Feminine.
Check out "The Feminine, Land of Welcome," my translation of a chapter from Christiane Singer's nonfiction book "Don't Forget the Frothing Horses of the Past (N'oublie pas les chevaux écumants du passé, Albin Michel), with a recording of the original French. So glad and grateful it found a beautiful home in Asymptote. Huge thanks to Joshua Craze and Yew Leong Lee.
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Three poems from Dorianne Laux's Ce que nous portons (Ed du Cygne) and What We Carry (BOA Editions) in Live Encounters Poetry. Thanks to Mark Ulyseas.
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Happy New Year everyone <3!
"The artist speaks to our capacity for delight and wonder, to the sense of mystery surrounding our lives; to our sense of pity, and beauty, and pain; to the latent feeling of fellowship with all creation…"
~Joseph Conrad
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Editorial and poems in Live Encounters Poetry, with thanks to Mark Ulyseas:
Book Cover Art: Jackie Morris
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays dear ones!
"So, keep on keeping on living the life which your inner voice directs, kindly, lovingly: giving help wherever you can, giving love and sustenance to this great work of illuminating all life. Your life is like a pebble dropped into a pool of water, creating ripples endlessly. You do not know the end of a word, a thought, an action."
~White Eagle
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"French author Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac’s poetic narrative is just exquisite – enough said." ~Trafika Europe
An excerpt from Beyond Elsewhere (White Pine Press, 2016) by Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac, my translation of Plus loin qu'ailleurs (Editions du Cygne) in Trafika Europe! With Dennis Maloney, Ed du Cygne and Maram Al Masri.
Pages 213 to 223:
In the preface to the French edition, poet Maram al-Masri writes that one enters into Gabriel Arnou-Laujeac’s world “as one enters an ancient forest, a temple, a pagoda — a place, not of religion, but of intense spirituality.”
New lit from UK + Portuguese, Kurdish, French, German, Catalan, & Greek.
Trafika Europe 9/10 is out now, free online!
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Happy Solstice!
"Yet at the very thought of a solsticial festival a curious sort of vertigo overtakes us, like that of a man balancing on a slippery sphere. That full measure of light, that longest day of the year, which lasts almost ten weeks at the North Cape, is also the moment in Antarctica when night reigns, illumined only by the distant fires of the stars. What is more, this apogee signals the beginning of a descent; from now on the days will get shorter and shorter until they reach the nadir of the winter solstice; the astronomical winter begins in June, just as the astronomical summer begins in December, when the hours of light imperceptibly grow longer again until they reach the pinnacle of the Feast of St. John. We have before us three months of green meadows, flowers, harvests, warm sand on the beaches, and songs in the branches; but the movement of the skies is already preparing our winter, as, in the depths of winter, it prepares the summer. We are caught in this rising and falling double helix."
–Marguerite Yourcenar
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Helene Cardona News

Events & Highlights

 Life in Suspension is a Finalist for the Julie Suk Award             (best poetry collection from an independent press)

The 2017 Writers’s Conference and Book Fair AWP D.C.:  Association of Writers and Writing Programs Feb 8: Plume Poetry Reading, Launch of Plume 5

Feb 10 AWP D.C. Panel: Dreaming the World Through Translation

Feb 10 AWP D.C.: White Pine Press, Plume Poetry and MadHat Press Reading

The Feminine, Land of Welcome by Christiane Singer in Asymptote

Review of  Life in Suspension by Anthony DiMatteo in                                 The Los Angeles Review

Celebrating American She-Poets: Hélène Cardona with Jamie Dedes in The Poet by Day

A Poet is a Mood by J.C. Hallman in The Brooklyn Rail

The Nervous Breakdown Self-Interview

Hélène gives a talk at the New York Browning Society at the National Arts Club: Robert and Elizabeth Browning, Virginia Woolf and Henry James and the Subjects of Sex, Violence, Poetry and Art.

                Hélène participates in Reading the World Conversation Series: Authors, Translators, Ideas.   Presented by Open Letter Books & The University of Rochester

Review of Life in Suspension by Grace Cavalieri in The Washington Independent Review of Books

BOOK PARTYHélène launches Life in Suspension and Beyond Elsewhere  Oct 28 at the Robert Berman GalleryElena Karina Byrne launches Squander & Dale Griffiths Stamos presents RenWomen. Singer Simone White opens. Poet Lynne Thompson emcees.

 Hélène was a Translation judge at The 26th PEN Center USA Annual Literary Awards Festival

Hélène is a featured Reader at the 2016 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

The 2016 Writers’s Conference and Book Fair AWP Los Angeles —with John FitzGerald, Dorianne Laux, Jessie Lendennie, Dennis Maloney, and Editions du Cygne

Panel Saving or Sinking the World Through Translation: Jennifer Kwon Dobbs,  Hélène Cardona, Ani Gjika, Dennis Maloney, and Willis Barnstone

Interviewing Robert Redford for TRUTH, Warner Bros., Télématin, France 2, TV 5

On French: John Ashbery at Le Mot Juste en Anglais, The Harriett Blog

The Annenberg Beach House Poetry Reading Series:
Gary Dop, Steve Langan, Ramón Garcia, Elena Karina Byrne, and Hélène Cardona

The 2014 Puterbaugh Festival of International Literature & Culture with Andrés Neuman

Reading Andrés Neuman: A Roundtable discussion —with George Henson, Hélène Cardona, and Michelle Johnson 

Chapman University’s Tabula Poetica Reading Series Returns: Carolyn Forché, Hélène Cardona, Ilya Kaminsky, and Jessica Piazza

Tabula Poetica Presents Hélène Cardona at Chapman University

AWP Partnership with Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky and the Favorite Poem Project I Live My Life in Widening Circles  

BAFTA/LA: British Academy of Film and Television Arts / Los Angeles 2014 Emmy Tea

BAFTA/LA: British Academy of Film and Television Arts / Los Angeles 2014 Pre Golden Globes Awards

IFQ Awards: Femme: Women Healing the World wins Best Documentary & Audience Awards

BAFTA/LA 2013 Emmy Tea

Celebrating RUSH‘S Daniel Brühl at the Chateau Marmont

BAFTA/LA’s 25th Anniversary Garden Party

Beyond Blond: Tribute to cinematographer Sven Nykvist at the Hammer Museumwith Lasse Hallström

7th Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shine Auditorium

Filming Megan Johnson’s Stealing Roses

Filming Lasse Hallström’s Chocolat

Filming Lawrence Kasdan’s Mumford


Expressing yourself with art… whatever your experiences have been, you put them to use. There is a transformative process, a healing process, and by creating a piece of art, you heal yourself, and then you heal others because they recognize themselves in the stories you tell. And that’s the beauty of it. That’s why we go to the theater, because it’s such a transcendental and therapeutic experience. That’s why we go see movies, that’s why we love art in general…. The symbols are there. And we respond to symbol and myth. This is the way we tell stories, this is the way we move forward in life.

                                                                     —Hélène Cardona